Like most of my industry peers, I believe it’s vitally important to have a blog few people read.

I’m not so one-dimensional as to wish to write exclusively about work, though, so this is a space where you’ll find me musing upon culture, social media, film, music and creativity..and advertising as well: mingling the personal and professional with aplomb.

Most posts are titled with song lyrics. You get +10 internet points for every one you can identify.

I work in a highly creative industry, and I’m happy to say I’ve done some work I’m very proud of. There is a great deal of complaint about the challenging nature of new media,  but I believe this is a time full of opportunity and promise.

I love the digital world, film, art, music, literature, surfing badly, fine wines, travelling, gardening, hatching grand plans to save the world and infrequently following them through. I’m a member of three book clubs, one IRL and two online. Answers to questions relating to the meaning of all this cat business may be found here and or you could learn seven random facts about me.

I have a few other spaces across the interwebs; Twitter, Tumblr, and you can refer to my articles on publications like Mumbrella and B&T.

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