I’m making a documentary about identity and the internet. If you’re articulate, passionate and would like to be interviewed, I’d love to hear from you.

It’s an idea I’ve been mulling over for a while. The ideas have been shaped by working in a space where authenticity seems at risk of becoming merely a buzzword, experiences like the Spencer Tunick installation, debates like Mark Pollard’s views on self-disclosure and Tim Burrowes’ argument on Mumbrella that there is no separation between personal and professional identity online.

With a little help from the wonderful Tim Noonan, it’s coalescing into something I think is absolutely fascinating, and I very much hope you will think so too.

The Naked Documentary (working title): nudity, identity and the self in physical and virtual spaces.

It’s exploring what happens to our sense of self online, (where nobody knows you’re a dog), and what changes when we’re naked.

Is identity a fluid construct which shifts and changes according to one’s environment? This documentary seeks to explore whether there is a core identity and if so, where it resides. Does cyberspace give us a place to be an idealised version of ourselves, free from our physical bodies, or conversely, are we most truly, honestly, ourselves when stripped of outward trappings – when we’re naked?
One idea is that  the identity you inhabit online is one constructed purely of thought, expressed through language, unrestricted by arbitrary biology. Or is it the case that the way one experiences the world in a physical sense is what shapes one’s character, and the self can never be separated? Can we then infer that the naked form is the simplest and most authentic?
Tim has a theory that the human voice is at its most honest, resonant and beautiful when the speaker is naked, so we’ll be exploring that too.

The format will be a series of interviews with a variety of people who use the online space in different ways, sharing their views and experience on aspects of identity, authenticity online and offline.
Each interviewee can choose to be interviewed naked or clothed during their interview, and reveal as much or as little of their souls or their skin as they feel comfortable with.

Drop me a line here if you’d like to discuss taking part.

3 thoughts on “naked and famous: call for documentary participants

  1. Not many people know this, but I blog best about my shoes when I am wearing them at the time. Occasionally I may have been naked, although I can’t honestly remember. If I was to add all the various bits of my online personae together, would I really create an entire replica of myself or would there be bits missing? Would these bits reveal themselves by my revealing my flesh or would they retreat further? Either way, it would be an interesting exercise. Count my hand as up.

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