Twitter. Its detractors are fond of painting a picture of an echo chamber; all narcissism and no real value. I had a slightly bleak moment earlier which I immediately bruited on Twitter:

Oh god. The realisation that it’s my thirty third birthday tomorrow has just hit me like a truck. Console me, Twitter.

Out of the thirty-ish replies, twelve of them contained sage counsel, I got one piece of bad advice, five generous and charming compliments, three insults, the possibility of a marital spat and a birthday card from a robot. I couldn’t have asked for anything more…I may be bidding my youth a fond farewell, but as usual, Twitter serves to remind  me that I’m not alone; all human experience is understood and shared in a way that’s really quite humbling. Thanks, chaps.

I’ll be taking the bad advice, naturally.

@acatinatree you’re not dead. yet. (happy birthday x)

Lyndon Sharp lyndons
.@franksting @acatinatree If you cope with your “Album” birthday (33-and-a-third), great! …but wait for your “Single” birthday at 45 🙂
Sarah Peacock SarahPea @acatinatree didn’t ya hear that in 2010, u get to minus 10? Happy 23rd birthday!!

William S. Burroughs BurroughsBot RT @bimyou_bimyou @acatinatree you’ll be the same age as William S. Burroughs when he died? (I was never very good at the consolation …

franksting franksting @acatinatree wait until you hit thirty three and a third (I had a birthday party for that), btw 😉

Mel hopeinhell @acatinatree i’m 38. so shut up. do you feel consoled? 😀

Helen Perris helenperris @smperris And you say you don’t know how to flirt. (cc @acatinatree)

Mick Attard MetalheadMick @acatinatree Hey, we share a birthday(tomorrow’s my 23rd) It’s a proven fact people born on 31st of July in a year ending with 7 are awesome

bimyou_bimyou bimyou_bimyou @acatinatree you’ll be the same age as William S. Burroughs when he died? (I was never very good at the consolation game…)

Shane Perris smperris @acatinatree 33? Pretty young thing like you? Surely not.

Karalee Evans karalee_ @acatinatree oh sweetie, was going to cheer you up with this: http://bit.ly/aXIeN6 but then realised you’re 2 years past your peak 😉

Lucie Snape LucieSnape @acatinatree it will be a good 364 days until you have to think about it again! 😉 Hope u have a wonderful day! Embrace being 33 yrs young!

Kate Taylor shoes_off @acatinatree you’re hotter than Jesus.

Andrew Barnett andrewbarnett @acatinatree When you’re my age, you won’t remember your 33rd birthday…

Joel Pearson JoelyRighteous @acatinatree There, there, would a walking frame help?

TheOtherBernardK bernardk @acatinatree if it’s any consolation, you’ve just made me feel old!

Tom Voirol voirol @acatinatree Spring chicken!

Mandi mab397 @acatinatree when you feel 84 on Sunday, 33 won’t seem so bad

Nathan Burman Bruman7 @acatinatree Haha you’re a day older than me ya old boiler!

rambn rambn @acatinatree technically, I think you can’t be upset until you hit 40 😛

Mana damana @acatinatree My god! I am 33 and 11 months and wish i was as fabulous as you on my 33rd. You are brilliant, witty, articulate and gorgeous!

Nick Spurway nickspurway @acatinatree QUICK. TO THE VODKA

Mijanou Zigane Opheli8 @acatinatree I’m older than you!

4 thoughts on “with friends like these…

  1. Being older than all of you including @TomVoirol entitles me to say this – look forward, never back and make sure that every step you take into the future is in fucking fabulous shoes x

  2. I thought what happened on Twitter, stayed on Twitter. Even 33rd birthdays 🙂

    I promise that every year is better than the last. That’s why we keep on living. Happy Birthday, my dear friend.

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