Thanks entirely to Matt Granfield for the inspiration… (All art is theft).

This is the stuff and nonsense I’ve recorded of late:

  • Old timey radio
  • Bootlace  – Elliot
  • Peter Watts – blindside – hardcore scifi
  • being in heaven – wtf?
  • the internet as domestic battleground – poor code of conduct, divulgence, boundaries. How can privacy, the right to own virtual space be re-imagined?
  • 11299912&11
  • Contagious
  • Karma chameleon: on integrity and consistency in brands

My, but my brain just whizzes and pops like a cerebral wee firecracker, doesn’t it?
I am already so forgetful now I fear by the time I’m legitimately senile, there will be nothing left but hand clapping and keyboard cat.

4 thoughts on “Notes I made on my iPhone whilst drunk or discombobulated

  1. It’s the problem with recording everything. Some things just aren’t important as they seem at the time, drunk or not.

  2. Mine read ;

    ‘Let her die gracefully, like the queen that she is.’


    ‘Do you need a crane for that handbag?’

    ‘Man, worked for Stafford Electric for 30 yrs. Used to drink in my local. Had a pet light bulb by the name of Simon’


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