One of the recurring themes at the Media 140 conference in Sydney has been redefining the function of the journalist.

One perspective is journalist as curator – providing context, sifting and interpreting data to allow information to travel beyond our immediate horizons.

As I’m generally a helpful, kind and conscientious human being, not satisfied with merely providing the Twitterverse with peerless live reportage of the Media140 event, I have put together a list of the most interesting coverage of the two day conference for your edification and delight…

(N.B this is a starting point – I’ll be adding to the list as I find new content.  Please feel free to make suggestions, and apologies for any glaring omissions)

The chatter on Twitter

Laurel Papworth says journalists need to tear up their press cards -“it was always our content and we’re taking it back”.  It’s about the human narrative

Linen Suave on why the blogger  / journalism polarisation is a little like fighting bears.

Kate Taylor wants to see some innovation based love-ins…

Barry Saunders looks at Turnbull’s mode of engagement with his constituents

Valerio Veo is the bastard child of new and old media

Jay Rosen tells journalists to grok it before you rock it.

Crikey on the News journalist’s oversharing

The ABC coverage of Turnbull’s ghost tweets.

Kate Carruther’s pithy summary of the first day’s discussions

The Twitter usage during the Iranian elections case study from @riy

Using Google Wave rather than Twitter for the conference backchannel

Derek Barry on the ABC’s Mark Scott on the importance of new media and the ABC’s social media policy

Duncan Riley is enraged at the idea he’s not earning his clams online.

Jude Mathurine’s presentation on why the future of journalism is in mobile social networks in Africa.

Bernard Keane on Ghettos of agreement.

Margaret Simon’s coverage and roundup of Media140 on The Content Makers (HT Kate Taylor)

Stilgherrian’s Media 140 bookmarks on Delicious. (edit: Stil has also added what can only be described as the motherlode of Media 140 links to his blog.)

….and my guest post about authenticity over objectivity on Mumbrella.

The defining photo of the conference taken by Neerav Bhatt – Mark Scott.

ABC's Mark Scott- Neerav's Media140 photos

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