In breaking news, Barry Saunders has kicked the social media challenge up a gear:

..it struck me that this could be the perfect sequel to the velociroflcoptersaurus competition that Happener put on last year. So, if you’re interested, here’s the rules:
Your mission is to get the most clicks on this Youtube video within the next month.

If you want to compete, email me with the links you want to track. This could be a link to the video itself, or a link to a blog page of your own that you want to track, or both. I will provide you with a bit.ly link so that we can track the number of clicks through to those pages.

I like the way he thinks….

I’d argue that in the spirit of marketing via social media, clicks are the least important measure of success – offering little or no insight into engagement, reach or virality…..
But while not the key metric, clicks are still a metric, and I would be delighted to be able to help my talented friend fund her next film…

You in?

edit: it would probably make sense for me to post the link in question – Photographic Memory on Youtube

4 thoughts on “Social Media for Kicks and Clicks (redux)

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  3. What an fantastic piece of content. Never thought of it from that angle. You always createamazing articles. Your blog literally keeps me busy for hours lol. Super stuff, don’t ever stop.

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