There’s been a quite a bit of buzz around the new Seafolly ads which are currently gracing bus stops all over Sydney.
While the woman featured is obviously ridiculously buff and beautiful, there are thousands of such exquisite lovelies in ads all over the planet, and the chatter seemed disproportionate to the actual coolness of the swimwear.
I suggest that the one most striking quality of the ad is the amazing gap-toothed smile of the model. It worked for Madonna and it worked for an early feminist icon…the Wife of Bath.
Things change, our fetishes evolve, but it’s interesting to see that this remains a symbolic touchpaper to our collective lust.

Picture 18

Gat-tothed I was, and that bicam me weel;
I hadde the prente of seinte venus seel.
As help me god! I was a lusty oon,
And faire, and riche, and yong, and wel bigon;
And trewely, as myne housbondes tolde me,
I hadde the beste quoniam myghte be.

Chaucer, the Wife of Bath (prologue)

2 thoughts on “sexual iconography: so hot since 1400

  1. All of a sudden it is 199* and I am back in English Literature A-Level class.

    Chaucer, the XXX-rated Bawdiest of the Bawdy.

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