Why is this the year of the cat? And what’s all the cat malarkey in aid of?

Excellent questions, gentle reader; I’m glad you asked. I’m not some catlady crank, I don’t even have a pet and I seem immune to the charm of lolcats. simpsons_crazycatlady2

“acatinatree” was inspired by a Lucinda Williams song; there’s a whole post in the making around that (edit: which you can find here)

As to the year of the cat; well, in one sense it’s because to me this is a year for embracing some archetypal feline attributes: stealth, agility, independence, continual exploration and creating rich experiences from meagre material.  A cat can be utterly content with a patch of sunshine; I’m working on achieving the same kind of self-sufficient tranquillity (well, I can dream…)
It’s time for an end to capitalist bloat, a return to simplicity and an appreciation of all the good things in life that can’t be bought, economic crisis or no; a sunny day, good friends, laughter and an old fish head salvaged from a dustbin well being…

It’s also a nod to my love of jazz, the hepcats I admire and the ridiculous hipster speak I adore and indulge in.

It also represents my determination – as the cat in question –  to achieve great things this year.  I’m on a mission personally, professionally, philosophically and philanthropically. And possibly some other words beginning with ‘p’.
I’m also going to finish my goddamn film this year or die in the attempt…maybe even my novel too…

In case you are concerned about the small flaw in my logic, although I’m referring to 2009, according to my own calendar, next year will also be the year of the cat. And probably the one after that….

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